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Press Release for Human Trafficking Awareness Month

January 25, 2022

Human Trafficking Awareness Month Education and Lived Experience Creates Change

Angela Clark

Western Slope Against Trafficking Task Force


What: Human Trafficking Training in English & Spanish

When: January 29, 2022 – 1:30 to 3:00PM

Where: Mesa County Public Library – 443 N. 6th St, G.J., CO

The WSAT is a community task force with collaboration, education, and raising survivor voices as the primary path in combating human trafficking on the Western Slope. It is made-up of concerned citizens, civic organizations, community leaders, churches, schools, healthcare providers, law-enforcement officers, and professionals working with marginalized and vulnerable

populations susceptible to exploitation. New members are welcome.

The January 29th training will include Human Trafficking 101, what to look for in common

trafficking situations, how to respond, along with a Q & A session with local experts from

the task force, and local resource agencies will be present at the event that work with human trafficking situations and survivors.

Donations collected at the event will provide additional training opportunities organized and facilitated by WSAT. Registration is encouraged for this FREE event: Eventbrite Link for Free Registration

Angela Clark is a Member of the National Survivor Network for Human Trafficking, a Fellow of the Human Trafficking Leadership Academy, a Grand Junction TEDx alumni, and a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and trafficking.

Angela would be happy to speak with media regarding the event. You can reach her at: 970.739.4738 or by email at


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