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Who We Are & What We Do



We bring together key community members to create a survivor centered approach to human trafficking. 
We elevate the voices of lived experience to guide our work. 


We are an active part of the larger movement that reduces and prevents trafficking as a crime against humans. 

Our focus is in Western Colorado.

Who we are

Founded in 2015, WSAT consists of service providers, activists, lived experience experts, with deep roots in the western slope communities. We bring awareness and education about human trafficking to the western Colorado.


Tom Acker

Co-Founder, Trainer

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Melissa Jefferson

Leader, Case Manager


Angela Clark

Leader, CSEC Expert


Désirée Lane

Leader, CSEC Expert


Sara Bratton-Bradbury

Leader, Trainer


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Mountain Biker

Dr. Michelle Sunkel

CHTC Liaison,Educator

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Our Values

Lead with Survivor Voice and Choice whenever possible.

Collaboration is vital to serving the community.

Education and awareness builds empathy and creates change. 

Respect every member of our task force and every person we encounter in this work. 

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